Calling All Corvettes!

August 19, 2017 to Downtown Flint, Michigan EventsContact

Heritage Collection

A car for every year!

Seeking Original Corvettes

The first Heritage Collection display was a success.  The Heritage Collection consists of original cars from each Corvette model year.

Submit your Corvette details, including front, rear, side, interior and engine compartment photos with the form on this site. 

Selections will be made in advance of the show, please submit early!

corvette heritage collection

Car Show Registration

Basic registration is free. You are invited to park and participate in the activities of the Corvette Reunion at Back To The Bricks with your Corvette. To receive notices of activities and events, please register.


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Top 75 Awards Judged Show

Top 25 Flint Club Members Awards Judged Show

To participate in the judged show, a $25 fee applies and qualifies you for prizes.


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Designated Parking

Join the hundreds of Corvettes in designated Corvette parking areas for the show. 

There is a designated entry point to park in the Corvette parking area.

Cars in the Heritage Collection will have specific parking instructions.

As you enter from the north we will have volunteers to guide you to the best parking spot. Arrive early! Parking begins at 6 a.m. on Saturday.

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The 2016 Corvette Reunion

Another year in the history books. 2016 and the Corvette is 63 years old. As many of you may know, the Corvette was born here in Flint, Michigan in 1953. We are very proud of that and to bring you the most exciting Corvette shows in the country.

Heritage Collection

The Heritage Collection submissions for 2017 are being accepted.

Judged Show

Trophies to the top 75 registered Corvettes; a $25 registration fee is for the Judged Car Show portion only. Trophies will also be awarded for oldest Corvette, furthest traveled, largest club and best of show.

Pre Show Celebration

Friday night is the kick off Meet and Greet Party.

Show Day!

Look for details for 2017 to follow.

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