Welcome to another special year, it’s 2015 and the Corvette is 62 years old. As many of you may know, the Corvette was born here in Flint, Michigan in 1953. We are very proud of that and to bring you the most exciting Corvette shows in the country. In 2014 there were nearly 900 beautiful Corvettes from pure stock to full custom, displayed from all over the country. This year we are expecting even more. Anyone who owns a Corvette can bring their car to the show free. You do not need to belong to a club to come and enjoy. It’s free to come, free to park and free to have a fantastic day viewing thousands of fantastic vehicles throughout the Back to the Bricks event. If you want to enter your Corvette into the judged portion of the show, there is a
$20.00 fee. Go to the Hospitality tent for details.

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This year we are introducing for the first time, The Heritage Collection. A Corvette from every model year is planned to be put all together in one area. Here you will see some of the finest Corvettes available and [click to continue…]


Seeking Original Corvettes

We are seeking a Corvette from each model year to be in a special Heritage Collection Showcase at Corvette Reunion 2015.

A special area will be featured at the 2015 Back to the Bricks with the goal of each year being represented.

We are super excited about the prospect of walking by over 50 years of Corvette history!

Please pass the word on and if you have such a car, please submit the information here.